Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
DE WIT, Leo & Catharina 1957 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt 164
DE WIT, Marin & Denise 1961 Castel Felice

Marin (Matt) and Denise married in Belgium 1960 and migrated to Australia 1961. Two sons born in Australia, Steven born August 1966 and Mark born...

DE ZOTTI, Emma (nee TOMÉ) 1934 Oronsay

After marrying by proxy in 1933, Emma joined her husband Vittorio in WA in 1934. In 1936, they settled on their farm in Catterick, via...

DE ZOTTI, Vittorio V 1927 Citta di Genova

On arrival, Vittorio worked in Wokalup as a farm labourer. He married Emma Tomé by proxy in 1933. In 1936, they purchased their farm in Catterick...

DE-BONO, Carmel V (Charlie) 1954 Fairsea

Arrived as a single 18 year old. Married in 1957 in Midland, St. Bridge's Church, to Pauline Sylvia Carvana. Had two children, Helen Mary &...

DE-CAMPO, Carlo 1956 Sydney

Got married at the age of 49 to Fiorina Gianoncelli on 25/11/1979 and became an instant father to her three children from her previous marriage

DE-HAAS, Willem & Alida 1957 Waterman

The family lived in a halfway house in "South" Road in Adelaide and moved to a settlement in the townsite of Wistow, 3 km east of Mount Barker in...

DEACON, Frederick & Kate 1912 Gothic

Frederick (1850-1935) Kate (1856-1947). Nine children accompanied parents to WA in 1912. The youngest two attended local school. All the sisters...

DEAGUIAR, Geronimo & Maria 1968 Galileo 33
DEAGUIAR, Jose & Joao 1968 Galileo 33
DEAGUIAR, Paulina 1968 Galileo Galilei 151
DEAKIN Family 1968 Fairstar 53
DEAN, Edward Charles 1863 Tartar

Edward emigrated after serving in the 47th Regiment, Royal Engineers. Appointed Clerk of Works, Construction at Convict Establishment, Fremantle....

DEAN, Fred J 1912 Ajana

A good honest hard worker. Served with the AIF in WWI. Decorated for bravery. Interested in sport and played cricket as a young man.

DEAN, Henry & Sarah & Bill 1911 Otway

Henry, Sarah (nee Woodger) and son William left their home in Loose Kent (after baby Ellen died) as free settlers for WA. Moved around until they...

DEAN, Marion 1953 Maloja

Sent out to Australia under the Child Migrant Scheme. Nazareth House.

DEAN, Peggy 1953 Maloja 249
DEAN, William H & James A 1910 Omrah

Bill & Jim Dean came from London & worked on the land at Emu Hill before settling in Beverley & starting a motor garage. Jim joined...

DEANE, Arthur D, SW & Arthur 1911 Australind 347
DEANE, William Lewis 1911 Australind 347
DEANUS, Terence & Brenda 1973 Ellinis 309
DEAR, Harold & Violet 1950 Dominion Monarch

Spent 6 months in Melbourne & children flew back to Perth. Parents sailed back and bought block of land in Delemere Avenue South Perth and...

DEAR, John A & Amy M 1920 Ormonde

John (Jack) and Amy lived in various places including, Albany, Narrogin, Benjabbering, Mukinbudin, Stoneville and Mount Helena, where Amy died....

DEARIE Family 1970 Fairstar

On arrival, the family stayed at and survived the Graylands Migrant Hostel, known to all as Silver City before making their home in the northern...

DEARLE, John B 1849 Mary

Parkhurst Boy - 7 years term. John was indentured to JH Monger of York (WA). 1st wife - Emma Dewis (Wesley Church) in 1871. 2nd wife - Winifred...

DEARLE, R, L, R & E 1886 Elderslie

Robert (Snr) was a member of the first North Fremantle council in 1895. Robert (Jnr) was Officer in Charge of the North Fremantle Fire Station...

DEARLOVE, Kenneth 1930 Jervis Bay

I came out to Australia on 03/03/1930 under the Fairbridge Farm School immigration scheme. I have lived all my life in WA and enjoyed every moment...

DEARNLEY, Geoffrey Keith 1969 Centaur 66
DEBELJAKOVIC, Slavko 1949 Goya

After four years as a POW in Germany during World War 2, in 1948 we were declared 'Displaced Persons' without a country. I didn't want to go back...

DEBELJUH, JO, GV, GR & SE 1966 Guglielmo Marconi

We first settled in Bentley, then moved to our first home in Cloverdale. Our second home in Kewdale is where we still live today.

DEBNEY, Frank & Joyce 1951 Maloja

Dr Frank & Joyce Debney and family, heading to Bathurst, NSW on the ship "Maloja", received a telegram requesting them to consider a medical...

DEBOECK, Marga (Martha) 1959 Waterman

Father was architect in Holland became builder in Australia. Travelled on ship with Treffers, Tony (Aussie name). Went through Sevz Canal during...

DEBOICK, A, D & Family 1968 Castel Felice

Accommodated at Graylands Hostel on arrival. Stayed approximately 1 year then moved to Alma Rd, North Perth. We had 3 children with us & we...

DEBONI, Pio Felice 1930 Oronsay

Pio joined his brother Giovanni and worked on Meedo Station in the Gascoyne District. In 1932 they took up land in Carnarvon and became pioneers...

DEBONI, Silvia Irene 1940 Esquilino

Silvia married Pio by proxy in Italy and joined him in Carnarvon. Classed as an alien and seperated from her husband the war years were difficult...

DEBONO, Anthony 1951 Asturias 146
DEBONO, Anthony 1955 Strathnaver 189
DEBONO, Carmelo & Liberata 1955 Strathnaver 189
DEBONO, Maria Assunta 1952 Toscana 146
DEBONO, Mary & Evelyn 1955 Roma 182
DEBONO, Mary C 1955 Strathnavar

Got married , raised a family, worked hard, became and australian citizen and is living a wonderfil WA lifestyle

DEBONO, Tony & Cathy 1955 Roma 182
DEBONO, Vincent 1955 Strathnaver 189
DEBRASS, Douglas Peter 1952 Unknown

He arrived with thoughts of starting a new life for himself and this he did. He became an Australian citizen in 1956. He married in 1960 had two...

DEBSKI, Stefan 1950 Anna Salen 221
DEC, Antoni & Eugenie 1950 Dundalk Bay

In Dalwallinu worked for the Railways for 9 years, had 8 children, spare time vegetables, had milking cows and chickens for eggs, supplied local...

DEC, John, Irene & Maria 1950 Dundalk Bay

Attended St.Josephs Convent in Dalwallinu to grade 6, then St.IlDephonsus, New Norcia 6 months, then Belmont High School. Completed High School...

DECEGLIE, Giuseppe 1931 Oronsay

married and had 9 children 6boys 3 girls all the boys became fisherman and remain a prominent fishing family

DECHTIAR, Ivan & Hildegard 1950 Anna Salen

Daughter Ursula Born 23/9/1948

DECHTIAR, Ursula 1950 Anna Salen 238